Monday, 11 April 2011

Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

                           Ravi  and  vijay  were  two  close  friends. They  set out  on  a journey. Their  way  lay  through  a  forest. They  always  boasted  of  each  other’s  friendship. The  forest  was  full  of wild  animals. They saw  a bear  coming  towards  them. On  seeing  the bear  vijay  climbed  up  a tree. Ravi  did not  know  how  to  climb. He  was  in  a fix  and  did not  know  what  to  do.  He  at  once  lay  down  like  a dead man, holding  his  breath. The bear came to ravi  and smelt  his  body. He  took  him  to be  a dead man  and went away. When  the  bear  was out of sight, vijay came down  and  asked  his  friend  what  the bear  had  said in his  ears. Ravi replied  that  the  bear  had  warned  him  not to  trust  false  friends. Vijay  felt  ashamed  and  they  resumed  their journey  

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