Monday, 11 April 2011

Never Be Greedy

                                Once  three  friends  were  travelling  through  a  forest. On  the  way they  found  a  purse  of  gold.  They  became  very  happy  and  decided to  divide  the  gold  equally  among  themselves. They  felt  hungry  and sent  one  of  them  to  a  nearby  town  to  bring  food. In  his  absence they  plotted  to  kill  him  on  his  return  and  divide  the  gold  between themselves. On  the  other hand, the  man  who  had  gone  to  the town, ate  the  food  himself  and mixed  poison  in  that  of his companions  to  have  the  whole  gold  to  himself.
                               When he returned, the two men killed him. But  before  dividing  the  gold, they  ate  the  poisoned  food  and  died  soon  after. So  none of   them  could  get  the gold.

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