Monday, 11 April 2011

Honesty Is The Best Policy

                              Once a wood-cutter was cutting wood on the bank of a river. Suddenly, his axe fell into the river. The wood-cutter was very much aggrieved. He bewailed and bemoaned over the loss of his axe. In no time, a stranger appeared before the wood-cutter with a golden axe. The stranger asked the wood-cutter if that axe was his. The wood-cutter replied that it was not his. The stranger again appeared with a silver axe. But the wood-cutter again declined to accept. The third time, the stranger dived into the river and brought the iron axe back. On seeing this iron axe, the woodcutter was overjoyed. He exclaimed "Oh! generous hearted soul, this axe is mine". God Mercury was very much impressed and pleased at the honesty and sincerity shown by the poor wood-cutter. He gave all the three axes to the wood-cutter as a reward for his honesty and truthful.


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